Redecorating? Renovating? Just repainting? Consider lighting first. The look and feel of your home is created by your lighting and fixtures.

Lighting Control

The look and feel of your home is largely created by your lighting design and control. Choosing the proper fixtures, the appropriate color temperature of LEDs and the right mix of dimming makes all the difference in ambiance, clarity, and how your furnishings and colors blend. A proper lighting design also has numerous health benefits.

We are experts in implementing lighting design, seamless control and preset scene programming and healthier light balancing. You can automate daily lighting routines and you’ll be able to control your entire home from a smartphone, no matter if you are at home or away. Your system will add beauty, safety and even energy savings.

• Advanced LED Fixtures
• Elegant Wall Controls
• Mobile Applications for Remote Access
• Preset Scenes to match how you live and entertain
• Sensors to turnoff lights in unoccupied rooms
• Automated Lighting Schedules to change light throughout the day without even having to press a button
• Certified Lighting Specialists

Interior Fixtures

LED fixtures come in a variety of different forms, from cove lights and downlights to pendants and LED strips. Creating the desired lighting effect for your home comes from a combination of LED bulbs and the fixtures. As an example, let's look at the all-popular recessed lighting fixtures - also called downlights or cans. There are a wide range of shapes for the fixture, from traditional round to modern square, both in a variety of sizes. Beside shape, there are different fixture depths, interior and exterior trim possibilities. Each part affects the illumination you see and how your room appears. And that's only downlights! There are so many possibilities - let's illuminate your environment!

Exterior Fixtures

Enjoy your outdoors like never before

The right outdoor lighting improves your home's beauty, security, safety when walking around at night, and allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces long after the sun sets. For the best in landscape lighting, plan to incorporate a variety of fixtures and lighting types. Different exterior features, such as trees or shrubs, pathways, and architectural details, are best served by specific lighting fixtures. Consider using a combination of spotlights, underground well lights, wide-angled floodlights, and pathway lighting to illuminate your home and landscaping at night. When choosing outdoor light fixtures, consider the power source and bulb type that best fits your lighting needs.

For increased brightness (or areas where the sun doesn't shine directly), low-voltage landscape lighting provides another energy-efficient option with DIY installation. This type of outdoor lighting connects to a transformer through wires, which can be buried underground or sit on top of the soil. Because of the low voltage (12 volts compared to your home's usual 120-volt system), these lights have a low risk of electrical shock and require less energy to run.

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